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I could probably write a novel on Nea’s dad’s antics, you guys don’t even.

Anonymous asked
Some one tell Ced to calm his dick. It's out of control.

His dick is calm, just raging teenage hormones basically lol

Anonymous asked
And not sexually?

Jesus christ, uh…Again before their current partner,s Cedrick 5, Neala 4, Aislinn 2, Noineen 2, Oris 3, Bruce 3. 

Anonymous asked
How many partners have your characters had?

I assume sexually, before their current partners, Cedrick uh, 2-3, Neala one, Duncan none, Aislinn one, Noineen two, Oris two I think. That’s about it.
EDIT: Bruce, also one.

Anonymous asked
Would any one take one for the team if some one's life depended on it? As in Same sex. *eye brow wiggle*

I am not quite gathering the question here, but no. If they’re straight/gay/bi, they’re straight/gay/bi, no bending/taking one for the team.

shardain asked
Anyone like it rough? Any fetishes? Dark sexy secrets? :3c
watermelontei asked
Favorite color?

Sorry, I had to ponder on this one. Cedrick, dark brown colors. Neala likes lighter colors, or gray. Duncan’s that goth kid who wears all black with like…blood red mixed in there somewhere.

I really like the expressions she pulls with her weapons, sue me.

Husband: Your warrior is like a pocket warrior. So tiny.

Me: ...okay that was fucking adorable.